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The Creating Cadence podcast explores how to create momentum, work with purpose, and live with intention. 

To activate our better selves and support better business.

Topics include behaviour design, digital wellness, mindfulness, intentional productivity and the future of work.

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About Your Host

Michelle Bondesio

Hi, I'm Mich (pronounced Mish).

I'm a writer, business coach and communications consultant on a mission to help us build better cadence into our days.

I started the Creating Cadence podcast as a learning opportunity. To help people working online develop more mindful approaches to work and life that support their wellbeing, creativity and productivity better. 

We need to adapt to the rapid, radical transformations taking place in our physical and digital landscapes. 

It’s my aim to help us activate the potential in ourselves and our businesses, with wellbeing, purpose and meaning front of mind.



What People are Saying

Catarina King
I regularly listen to this Creating Cadence Podcast. It is always topical, interesting and above all useful. It always leaves me with ideas fo things to consider applying to my own scenario.

Catarina King

Co-Founder, Society1 Coworking, Preston UK
Penny Lee
Heartedly recommend. The perfect voice, clear thoughts, and just the right length for some positive and productive thoughts to mull over gently. My overactive brain really needed this.

Penny Lee

The Brand Directoress
John MacDonald
Your cadence is perfect. It feels like you built this out of the experience that comes from being places where you needed the insights you’re sharing, and that’s the kind of credibility I’m looking for.

John MacDonald

Story-finder and Copywriter
Jerod Morris
You’re doing such great, important work Mich. And you have such a wonderful voice for podcasting. It really fits the ethos of your show – because it’s calming, but commanding. It makes it a pleasant listen!

Jerod Morris

Community Builder & Chief Community Officer, Movement Ventures
Mel Burton
I’ve been enjoying the podcasts and been taking notes from them. A great mini-course which is so accessible. It feels like a conversation going on in my head between you and me. Your voice is perfect for podcasting.

Mel Burton

Project Delivery Manager, Lancaster University, UK
Veronica Fossa
Mich Bondesio offers a new blueprint for work and life. One that needs both mind and heart. One that asks us to slow down while keeping on moving, as movement creates energy for change. A must listen to make positive change.

Veronica Fossa

Workplace Designer, Trends Consultant & Podcaster
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From mindfulness, habits and digital wellbeing, to creativity, productivity and the future of work. To help you build strong foundations, create momentum, work with purpose and live with more intention.

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