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About Mich Bondesio

It’s Mich with an ‘ish’.

And my Italian surname is ‘Bon-DEE-zee-oh’.

I’m originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and currently based in the UK.

I work with clients around the world, writing and speaking, coaching and consulting (online & in-person).

In a past life, I was a project manager and communications consultant for more than 20 years, working across creative and digital industries.

Then I was forced to change how I work and redesign how I live.

Mich Bondesio standing against a wall of books next to a plant on the window ledge.

Creating Cadence was born out of Burnout

In my first career, I witnessed what excess stress, bad communication, poor workflows and unsupportive habits can do to us (both personally and professionally).

And then I experienced it myself, too.

An epic bout of burnout kept me from working for over a year.

During my recovery, I learnt how to turn my life around and get better at dealing with burnout.

Then I transitioned in my work, to start helping people like me build their resilience, improve their stress management, work smarter, and be more intentional about their approach to productivity.

I now help mid-life strivers to thrive, so they can activate more of their business potential and craft more meaningful lives in full colour.

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Why Full Colour?

We’ve been fed a lie.
The goal of trying to attain work/life balance is bullsh*t! It’s a static construct that is unsustainable.
Nothing in life is black and white, and being stuck on the super-stressy traditional hamster wheel of work/life tends to yield grey and beige results that get us nowhere.

Dull-coloured outcomes don’t support our wellbeing and don’t make us happy. So, it’s time to rediscover our vibrancy.

We need to flow to the beat of a different drum, to create cadence in our days and build momentum in our life!

My Focus Areas?

In this second career, by trade, I’m a technical copywriter, consultant and business coach.

I’m also a podcaster and speaker. I deliver talks, workshops, and private coaching programmes on topics relating to intentional productivity, burnout, and the impact of emerging technology on the future of work and wellbeing.

In 2023, I published my first book The Cadence Effect, and my long-running Cadence newsletter has been going since 2018.  

My favourite things are learning and travelling, and I’m always on the lookout for new adventures in both. In my next life, I want to be a best-selling trashy novel writer!

Drop me a line at hello (at) creatingcadence (dot) co if you wish to explore collaborating on a project.

Mich seated in front of a wall of books. Image by Christina Davies, Fish2Commercial
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