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Cadence Coaching Programme

A wellbeing and productivity-focused leadership and accountability programme with Mich Bondesio

Mich Bondesio standing in front of a wall of books a windowledge filled with pot plants at Society1 coworking space, Preston.

Calling fellow busy bees, A-type entrepreneurs, and independent trailblazers!

The Cadence Coaching Programme is not just going to transform your work game, but it might just revolutionise your entire life.

As a solo entrepreneur, C-suite exec, remote knowledge worker, or small business maestro, you’ve danced with the deadline devil, pulled those all-nighters, and juggled responsibilities like a circus performer.

It’s tiring, and let’s be real, it’s messing with your vibe – both at work and in your downtime.

But what if I told you there’s another door you can open? And I’ve got the key.

Mich Bondesio standing in front of a teal coloured door.

The Cadence Coaching Programme is your ticket to:

Working smarter, not harder:

  • Customised, proven behaviour change approaches and intentional productivity techniques.

Boosting resilience:

  • Battle-tested stress-management strategies to handle whatever life throws at you.

Unleashing creativity:

  • Dive into interactive workshops and fun peer accountability sessions that would make even the most serious business types crack a smile.

Aligning your business purpose with your values:

  • Because life’s too short to die inside from the hustle and grind!

There’s a way to bring more joy into our work lives!

When your wellbeing and productivity are doing the tango, what are the results?

Off the charts!

Decision-making becomes your superpower. Your creative outputs improve and your sales go up. Your clients start wondering if you’ve got a secret sauce.

Most importantly, you’ll feel like the leader you were born to be – guiding not just your business, but every facet of your life, with a crystal-clear vision and a growth mindset for years to come.

But don’t take my word for it. Get the down low from past participants of Mich’s Cadence Coaching Programmes.

I liked how you made things relatable to your own life and work background, so we could see an insight into how it's helped you, but also to make it easier for us to open up collectively.
Jack Rowbotham
3D Artist & Designer
The process really worked. Mich has a great style - relaxed, informative and yet authoritative in a way that held me accountable for my actions. The structure and format combined to provide a thorough, flexible and enjoyable programme which has helped me achieve what I need while taking a more holistic view of my health, my work and social life.
Sean Watts Cadence Coaching Headshot
Sean Watts
"I highly recommend Mich's talks and workshops as they're well structured and relevant to every business person. She knows how to deliver content in a fun way that makes the learning process more enjoyable."
Sirka Moore Headshot
Sirka Moore
Cadence Coaching Options

Cadence Programme Overview

This isn’t your typical coaching gig – you have options.

OPTION 1: Choose the full 8-week Cadence Coaching Programme which runs twice a year.

OR OPTION 2: Go the Self-Study Route with a set of Masterclasses you peruse at your own pace over 4 weeks.

Check out the quick summary comparison below.

Or scroll down further for a deeper dive into what’s involved, how it works, and more answers to your Frequently Asked Questions – you’ll find it all here.


Email us to join the waitlist for the next available programme offering.

Cadence Coaching Programme Together Option. Silhouetted Hiking group against a purple backdrop.


Deluxe Package

Full Cohort Programme 


An intimate coaching group run over 10 weeks with live one-to-one sessions and group feedback sessions to support the bi-monthly live masterclasses. 

Someone is with you every step of the way on this journey for peer support and accountability.

Plus you get 3 free bonuses.

Special Introductory Offer
  • 995 GBP / € 1,159 EUR / $1,200 USD
  • Save with a full Up-Front Payment, or choose the 3-month Payment Plan.

  • Places are limited. Full details + booking below. 
Cadence Coaching Programme Together Option. Silhouetted Hiker on a rock against a purple backdrop.


Self-Paced Package

Masterclass Learning


Gain the learning and insights without the hand holding. You get recordings of 4x Cadence Masterclasses, plus the worksheets and bonus goodies, BUT you get to drive.

It’s self-study, so implement your learning on your own, in your own time. Delivered every week. Plus 2 free bonuses.

Special Introductory Offer
  • £199 GBP / €229 EUR / $249 USD
  • Full price up front payment only.

  • Full details + booking below.

What’s the Cadence Coaching Programme really about?

We’ll be diving deep into the four performance improvement pillars from Mich Bondesio’s book, The Cadence Effect. (And if you’re not sure who Mich is by now, check out my About page).

Expect science-backed tools, techniques, and strategies for forming healthy habits and changing behaviours. Ones you can incorporate into your daily work habits, routines and activities in tiny ways that suit your pace.

But, it’s not just about work; it’s about transforming your entire existence.

This programme is your blueprint to design a life that works for you – building momentum, working with purpose, and crafting a more meaningful life. 

Get down with the vibe by checking out the Masterclass Topics, the weekly schedule of activities and the FAQs, which go deep on all the deets.

"Mich was great at connecting with all members and I think that really helped people to open up and have a more beneficial experience."
Matthew Smithurst Bio Pic
Matthew Smithurst
Creative Director
“Something Mich does, which many people do not, is listen. She learns about you and your team throughout the workshop programme to make the sessions more relatable and valuable.”
Kieran Taylor Bradshaw Headshot
Kieran Taylor Bradshaw
Director, Snug Web Agency
Mich has a great background in understanding what makes people tick, and how a variety of reflection and self-care methods can help improve how you work.
Steffan Evans
Structural Engineer

Cadence Masterclass Topics: 


The non-negotiable foundational intentional productivity practices that help us work better, build resilience, manage stress and avoid burnout.


Work place, work styles, work flows and more.  Understanding their impact, so you can change how you approach your systems and processes to better support how you work.


The link between self-leadership, mindset, behaviour change and creating healthier cultures. What does this look like in practice? How does our outlook on the world impact our performance and our team culture? 


Putting it all together in a way that works perfectly for you, and how to move forward with creating cadence in every part of your life.

Mich Bondesio holding her book The Cadence Effect, in front of a wall of white books. Image by Christina Davies, Fish 2 Photo.

Doing It Together aka The Deluxe Package

The Full Coaching Programme Details

Imagine a tight-knit crew of fellow warriors from around the world, all facing similar challenges, cheering you on as you crest the peaks of productivity, conquer the crags of stress, and soak up those beautiful views from the summit. 

This programme runs twice a year and places are limited so book on, or register your interest, before it’s too late. You can pay up front or set up a plan at the quick and easy click of a button.

What’s Involved:

  • 5 -15 people for the private coaching component.
  • 4 live online Masterclass every second week with Mich Bondesio, over 8 weeks (90mins each including short Q&A).

  • 2x live Group Feedback Sessions with Mich Bondesio (60-90 mins each)
  • Opportunities for 2x direct one-to-one sessions with Mich (45 mins).
  • Topical presentations, milestone tracking, and a bit of homework to keep you on your toes.

  • A place to shoot your questions between sessions.

  • Bonuses: 
    • You get the E-Book version of The Cadence Effect 
    • You get the accompanying PDF Workbook FREE 
    • You get an extra Skill-Specific live training session

Check out the Coaching Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for more about the programme.

Ready to book on for the Full Programme?

Clicking the buttons below takes you to the relevant Stripe Payment Page to either pay in full or set up a 3 month-payment plan. You’ll be billed in GPB, EUR or USD depending on your location. 

Still not sure? Scroll down to compare the Full Coaching Package with the Independent Masterclasses Package.

Cadence Coaching Programme Workflow:

  • Week 1 – Discovery (Live Group Session) + FOUNDATIONS Masterclass
  • Week 2 – Live Group Feedback Session
  • Week 3 – PROCESS Masterclass
  • Week 4 – 1:1 Sessions
  • Week 5 – CULTURE + PERFORMANCE Masterclass
  • Week 6 – 1:1 Sessions
  • Week 7 – CADENCE FRAMEWORK Masterclass
  • Week 8 – Live Group Feedback Session + Closing Thoughts
Ready to end the chaos & begin creating the cadence for transformative change?
 Email us to join the waitlist for the next programme offering

Compare the Full Programme + Masterclass Package

Cadence Coaching Programme Together Option. Silhouetted Hiking group against a purple backdrop.


Deluxe Package

Full Cohort Programme


  • 4x Live Masterclass Sessions (+ Recordings & Worksheets)
  • 2x Live Group Feedback Sessions
  • 2x One-to-One Sessions with Mich
  • Bonus 1: E-Book version of The Cadence Effect
  • Bonus 2: Cadence Workbook PDF
  • Bonus 3: 1 x Pre-recorded Skill-Specific Session

Pricing Option 1 – Full Programme:

UP-FRONT PAYMENT (Special Intro Offer)

  • £995 GBP / € 1,159 EUR / $1,200 USD


  • GBP: £425 p/m x 3 = £1,275 GBP
  • EUR: €495 p/m x 3 = €1,485 EUR
  • USD: $500 p/m x 3 = $1,500 USD

Click your choice below to get to the relevant Stripe Payment Page. You’ll be billed in GPB, EUR or USD depending on your location.

Cadence Coaching Programme Together Option. Silhouetted Hiker on a rock against a purple backdrop.


Self-Paced Package

Masterclass Learning


  • 4x Masterclass Session Recordings 
  • PDF Worksheets linked to the Sessions.
  • Bonus 1: E-Book version of The Cadence Effect
  • Bonus 2: Cadence Workbook PDF

Pre-recorded Masterclass Sessions are sent via email every week for 4 weeks. Complete at your own pace.

Pricing Option 2 – Masterclasses Only:


  • £199 GBP / €229 EUR / $249 USD
  • Special intro offer 
  • Clicking this button link takes you to the Masterclass Stripe Payment Page. You’ll be billed in GPB, EUR or USD depending on your location.

Still got questions? 

Check out all the A’s to your Qs below.

Answers to your FAQs

Mich Bondesio leaning against a stairwell at Society1 after running a Cadence workshop.

Well, buckle up, because we’re taking this show online!

You can be sipping your morning brew in PJs in Montana or attending from the beach in Biarritz—your call.

Run on Zoom, each session is a blend of Mich’s live wisdom drops (aka a presentation) and some good ol’ banter during the discussion, and some commitment staking before we end. Your worksheets and bonuses are delivered by good ol’ email.

You’re in for a fun ride, my friend!

The live sessions will be run on Zoom a Tuesday or Wednesday each week. 

As this is a cross-continent cohort with various time zones in the mix, sessions will most likely be held in the following windows (tbc).

  • Between 5pm & 7.30pm UK time
  • Between 6pm & 8.30pm CEST
  • Between 10am & 12.30pm Pacific time
  • Between 11am & 1.30pm Mountain time
  • Between 12pm & 2.30pm Central time
  • Between 1pm & 3.30pm Eastern Time

Once everyone is signed up, we’ll do a poll to zero in on fave days and times. 

For the cohort-based programme, picture this: a cozy crew of 5 to 15 like-minded individuals per cohort. It’s like a small, exclusive club where you might just find peeps with similar interests or challenges to partner up with on this journey.

Peer accountability leads not only to habit-building that sticks, but also life-changing results!

For the Masterclass Only Option: there will be many taking this journey like you, but this is self-paced study that you do in your own time, without support or input.

It’s for those strong, supremely independent types who want forge a path at their own speed. 

Oh, you betcha!

At the end of each live Masterclass session, you get a PDF homework sheet.

You get to do this in your own time over two weeks before the next live Masterclass session, but it helps to start sooner than later. And if you can’t make it live to a Masterclass, you get the recording to review later, too.

But hold onto your hats because this isn’t your typical snooze fest of assignments. 

We’re talking about real-life implementation and making tangible changes. You are signing up for accountability, so you get to share your progress in the live group sessions.

So, get ready to strut your stuff every two weeks, just like a superstar reporting to the red Zoom carpet (with friendly faces cheering you on).

Listen, it’s not a requirement to do this, but reading the book is like having the secret cheat codes.

It helps if you’re already vibing with the language and concepts, but hey, we get it — life’s sometimes too fast to stop and flip the pages of an actual book!

You can skim through the chapters relevant to each session as we roll along, or use the Masterclasses as your summary crib sheets.

So, it’s cool, no sweat if you don’t read the book. Just don’t blame us if you miss out on some literally life-changing magic!

PLUS: You get a free E-Book version of the book and the accompanying PDF Workbook as part of the Cadence Coaching Programme bundle.

But, if you would prefer to have it in print so you can scribble notes and highlight to your heart’s content, then why not buy the proper ‘book book’ version The Cadence Effect direct from Mich.

Miss a live session in the Together group? No problemo, life happens, we get it. Fear not!

The live sessions are recorded for your private viewing pleasure. A link will be at your fingertips within 24 hours. 

Stuck in the weeds? Got a quick question? You can shoot Mich an email.

There’s also 3x Live Group Feedback sessions during the programme for you to share your wins, losses, and everything in between. It’s like a support group, but cooler.

Plus you also have 2x One-to-One opportunities to chinwag with Mich in private.

Money talks, right? But, you’ve got options…

For the “Full Coaching Cohort” programme:

  • You can pay it all in one go, and save some cash (if you’re swimming in it).
  • Or hop on a payment plan to choose your (slightly more pricey) adventure. Those service fees are like tiny ninjas — silent but deadly, so blame the banks, not us.

For the “Masterclass Only” option:

  • This deal is such a steal that it’s only available as an up-front payment, sorry. 

Commitment is the name of the game. We’re not here to play patty cake. That commitment is not just for you to do the work, but also to hold space for the people who’re along for the ride with you. 

Without you, it won’t happen. So, we’d LOVE you to be all in.

We’re going to learn a lot about ourselves, and we’re going to laugh (and possibly cry) as we make big, little and profound changes.

Believe it or not, this peer group accountability is an essential part of the transformation magic.

If you bow out, you’re not just missing out on the fun and on the opportunity to transform your life, you’re also letting the team down, sigh.  (Guilt trip, sorry not sorry!)

But hey, life’s a wild ride, and we get that, too. So, we’ll try to accommodate you if life throws you a curve ball.

Cancel two weeks or more before liftoff and we’ll refund you 80% of your dough. Within a week of launch, and it’s down to 50%.

Mid-programme cancellations? Hmm, that’s a tricky dance; we’re all running businesses here, and cappuccinos aren’t free, you know? So, let’s talk. Drop us your darned good reason for bailing and we’ll take this on a case-by-case basis.

Masterclass Only Option

No refunds, sorry. As mentioned above, this deal is already a steal. Once the videos, worksheets and bonuses are sent, we can’t un-send them.

I’m an author, speaker, podcaster, and coach. In a past life I worked as a communications consultant and project manager across creative and digital industries. And then I crashed and burned badly.

My experience led me to transition in my work, and since 2018, I’ve been delivering talks and workshops to teams and independent professionals to help them develop more mindful approaches to work. To date, I’ve worked with hundreds of people in person and online.

Find out more about me here.

Still unsure? Got more burning questions?

Shoot us an email. Mich has got answers, reassurance and wisdom to share. Let’s make sure this is the right adventure for you!

Looking for something else?

Check out Mich’s Talks Options and Workshop Packages for business teams and networking groups.

Get in on the action!

Keen to join the next Cadence Coaching Programme, before it books up?

Get in touch – your future self will thank you, that’s a promise!

Please Note: I have very limited time to coach one-on-one, so my rates for individual coaching are much higher. I also only work with one or two individual clients at a time, and there’s a waiting list.

So, this Cadence Coaching Programme is a great way for us to work together!

I hope to see you soon. 🙂

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