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Work with Mich Bondesio

Calling all you savvy business owners, legendary teams and entrepreneurs on the brink of greatness!

You mid-lifers* weathering the chaos of high-pressure gigs, battling toxic cultures of overwork, and juggling sandwich generation responsibilities. 

Are You Ready to Level Up Your Work & Transform Your Life?

Let’s talk about boosting your business mojo, sparking your creativity, and building a high-vibing work culture that doesn’t actually suck the life out of you!

I mean, let’s face it. You’re in the mid-life hustle where the struggle is real.

The lines between your kickass career and non-work life are blurred. 

Stress, burnout and productivity pitfalls are messing with your profit, and your business journey is feeling more like a survival game than the epic quest it should be.

You’re firefighting instead of flourishing.

Mich Bondesio seated in front of a laptop with colourful wallpaper behind her.

*Mid-lifer = Millennial (born1981-96), Gen-X (1965-80) or Gen-Jones (1955-64)

Simply put, you need a new way of doing work.

We are working and living for longer. So, we need to be stronger for longer to stay in the game.

I work with high-achievers who’ve been around the work block, scuffed their knees in the skatepark of life, and are ready for a makeover, a do-over, or a change in the channel. 

To keep thriving and striving, in midlife and beyond.

My Cadence Talks options, Workshop Packages and Coaching Programmes are like your favourite Desert Island Discs.

Here’s how I can help you tune in.

Mich Bondesio leaning against a wall of books with a plant on the windowsill.

Imagine your Workplace Nirvana…

  • Where your focus is sharper than your first set of Doc Martens.
  • Where your workflow is smoother than a cruise downtown with the top down.
  • Your work culture is as chill as an unplugged Chilli Peppers session.
  • And your team is as collaborative as a viral TikTok dance challenge.

What does Workplace Nirvana help you achieve?

Studies say that happy, healthy people are 30% more productive, make 30% more sales, and are three times more creative.

(Source: Meta analysis by the School of Life – not like a scientific paper, but close enough, and there’s heaps more research to back this up.)

Imagine a gig where your personal and professional vibes sync up effortlessly, and your pursuit isn’t just about the bottom line, but resonates with your sense of purpose, too.

Imagine cultivating a business vibe that is so hot, it feels like you’re trending on socials, not just for a day, but like forever?

Like a breath of fresh air in an air-conditioned cubicle nation, when you focus on creating cadence, you and your team are more centred, communicative and creative.

`Rock on with epic work vibes that bend and stretch with you, instead of stressing and overwhelming you.

It all starts with creating cadence, aka a better rhythm and pace to how, where, and why, you do the work you do.

What does this look like in ‘the Reals’?

Building momentum. Working with purpose. Living with Intention.

Regain control, so your workflow is smoother than scrolling through your Insta feed or favourite subReddit.

Boost your revenue game by pulling in clients who get you. No more pretending – attract those who appreciate the real deal. 

Experience peace of mind, so you can sleep soundly, dreaming of a world where avocado toast is a legit business expense.

Elevate your focus, productivity and wellbeing to levels even your favourite Celeb Influencer would envy.

Polish those communication skills so that your customers, clients and collaborators offer you the same respect as a Jedi master.

Align your business purpose with your personal goals and adopt mindful work practices that even the most Zen startup virtuoso would approve of.

Creating cadence and building intentionally productive habits support you to keep on striving, and to thrive while you do.

Mich Bondesio standing beside Live Work Create mural outside Society1, Preston.

Ways to Create Cadence with Mich

Craving a work life that hits different? Longing for a work environment that’s not just productive but downright good for the soul?

Get ready to vibe with Mich and dive into the Creating Cadence coaching and consulting experience, crafted especially for your discerning tastes. Pick your preference 

Cadence Workshops

Mich Bondesio delivering a Cadence workshop, standing in front of a flipchart.

For teams that practically live in the digital trenches, drowning in deadlines, to help you escape the grasp of the hustle culture and design something new (and good for you).

Cadence Talks

Mich Bondesio delivering a talk at PlannerFest

Topical talks and keynotes for executives, team players and the rebels of our business communities – consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Cadence Coaching

Mich Bondesio with a Cadence coaching client.

Helping you move from Chaos to Cadence, Online coaching programmes & in-person retreats that will not just change your work game, but will revolutionise your entire life. 

Mich Bondesio standing in front of a turquoise door.

Why work with Me?

Like you, I’ve been trapped on the hamster wheel of overwork and been run ragged on the treadmill of hustle culture.

I crashed and burned. Badly. And then I learned how to rise from the ashes, and fly, baby!

You deserve to learn the secret recipe for creating more time and space to activate your potential. For you, your team and your business.

I’m here to open the door to your new possibilities.

But, don't take my word for it!

“Something Mich does, which many people do not, is listen. She learns about you and your team throughout the workshop programme to make the sessions more relatable and valuable.”
Kieran Taylor Bradshaw Headshot
Kieran Taylor Bradshaw
Snug Web Agency
"I highly recommend Mich's talks and workshops as they're well structured and relevant to every business person. She knows how to deliver content in a fun way that makes the learning process more enjoyable."
Sirka Moore Headshot
Sirka Moore
“The coaching enabled me to repurpose my goals and build more structure to help me achieve what I need, whilst taking a more holistic view to my work, health and social life.”
Sean Watts Cadence Coaching Headshot
Sean Watts
Talent Alchemy
My Wall of Fame

Comms & Coaching Client Collaborations

Ready to Level Up?

Activate your business potential and improve your performance by unleashing your magic (aka the best version of you).

Learn how to work smarter, not harder, so you have the time and space for the other things in life that also matter.

It’s time to ditch the masks and let your authentic self shine. After all, the true you is the one that turns heads and seals the deals.

It’s about levelling up, evolving into the absolute best version of yourself, all while running a business that’s not just successful but speaks to your soul.

Pick your opportunity to Create Cadence:

Need something more customised to your needs? 

No probs, get in touch.

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