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Ep. 31 – Burnout Defined

What is Burnout and why is it important in relation to Intentional Productivity? This episode defines burnout, and introduces some of what causes it. You’ll…
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Ep. 17 – Hybrid Working

An interview episode with 6 creative thinkers looking at hybrid working practices. This season I'm exploring how the pandemic has changed the way they work, the…
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Ep. 12 – Silence

Silence, our senses, and the impact that a lack of silence is having on our minds and bodies. Our working styles and physical environments are…
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Ep. 10 – Patience

Season 2 starts with Patience - why we no longer have a willingness to wait, the influence patience has on our ability to connect, our…
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Ep. 9 – Flexibility

Building a Toolkit for Flexibility & Adaptability. Mich Bondesio reviews 2020's lessons and looks at how our pandemic toolkit of skills can and will help…
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Ep. 7 – Procrastination

The rise of Procrastination and the distractions affecting our ability to focus.  We look at what procrastination actually is, and what causes it and three…
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Ep. 5 – Four More C’s

Mich Bondesio looks at 4 more C's that help us to create cadence. They are curiosity, courage, character and consonance. Our current situation requires us…

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