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Ep. 54 – Season 8 Finale – Recap, Festive Offers & Coaching Programme

In episode 54, Mich Bondesio wraps up the key themes from Season 8 of the Creating Cadence podcast, plus she shares 2024 coaching programme news and three special festive offers.

Transcript below, but first, check out these Cadence Christmas Offers:

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Transcript – Episode 54 

Published: 08 December 2023

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:00:00] Hi, and welcome to creating cadence, a podcast for life and work in motion. I’m your host, Mich Bondesio, a writer, coach consultant, and solo entrepreneur. I’m also the author of The Cadence Effect. I help high achievers stuck on the toxic treadmill of overwork, to transform our approach to life work and business. So we can activate more of our potential and perform better in every part of our life. At a cadence that’s more suitable to us. Despite this fast paced world we live in. 

This is episode 54, the 10th and final episode of season eight, published in early December, 2023. 

In this episode, I’ll be covering a little bit about what my eight guests thought about cadence. I’ll also be sharing some Christmas gift ideas and giving you a teaser of what to expect from the new coaching cohort that’s launching in the first quarter of 2024. 

I’ll be talking about that at the end of the episode, but first a few updates from me. 

You might’ve noticed that I took a few weeks break from publishing the podcast initially, because I was moving house, which is a pretty full-on process. It all went very well considering the short turnaround involved. But I’d forgotten that it takes much longer to unpack and find new places for your things, than it does to pack up your life in the first place. 

It’s been a good clearing exercise though. And who knew that doing DIY like sanding and painting your living room floor would be a full body workout. I’ve been enjoying the experience of redecorating and sharing a bit about the journey of creating a new home on my Instagram stories. You can check that out @michbondesio

I’ve also been unexpectedly delayed in publishing because last week, my entire week ended up being focused on sorting out a rather alarming situation.

You see, I discovered that in the space of one week, no fewer than 17 fake companies had fraudulently registered their business address at my new address. The paperwork I had to complete to report each of these companies was really tedious. And the resolution of this problem is not going to happen overnight because government institutions such as Companies House seem to be mired in red tape and everything takes a really long time. 

This kind of time suck is not ideal when you’re a solo business owner. But it’s also the kind of thing that cannot be left to percolate either. It causes a lot of extra stress and that’s not healthy for your wellbeing and your productivity. So, just a word of caution. If you encounter anything like this, as upsetting and overwhelming as it might seem to deal with, do try and stay ahead of it. So it doesn’t impact on you and your business in other ways, further down the line. 

On the work front, over the past month, my writing has also been featured out there in the world. I wrote about ditching work-life balance to boost your brand and business for Daniel Hughes’ newsletter audience. 

I also wrote a blog post for Boost Business Lancashire about seven reasons why wellbeing is the new competitive advantage for businesses. 

I also want to thank Pat Williams for the beautiful write-up that she shared on her site, all about our podcast episode and the work that I’m doing around creating cadence. I’ll share the links to those articles in the transcript show notes for this episode. 

So as we look forward to the month ahead, my plans include continuing to put together the coaching program for next year and carrying on with the recording and editing of the audiobook for The Cadence Effect. 

Unfortunately though, I don’t think the audio book is going to be ready in time for Christmas. So instead I want to share some festive cadence offers, which might be of interest to you, if you’re looking for gift ideas for that very special high achiever, multitasking organizer, chief planner, productivity perfectionist, or super striver in your life. 

I’m running two special offers relating to my book, The Cadence Effect, if you buy direct from my Shopify store. You can access the store via Or by clicking the store button on the website. 

The first offer is 23% off print copies.

You get a 23% discount when you buy one or more print copies of The Cadence Effect from my store. This does exclude shipping costs. 

  • Quote the coupon code at DEC23-CC23 at checkout. Or you can use this link

Offer number two is a two-for-one digital offer.

You can buy the ebook, priced at £9.99 from my store. And when you do so you get the PDF workbook for free, which is usually priced at £7.99. The ebook and workbook are delivered electronically via email and BookFunnel. To take advantage of this offer. 

  • Quote coupon code DEC23-CCFREE at checkout or you can use this link

As I mentioned, you can access the Shopify store via or by clicking the store button on

There are some T&Cs to be aware of. 

  • A minimum of one order.
  • These offers are running until midnight on the 23rd of December, 2023. 
  • Exclude shipping costs for print books.
  • No returns.
  • Both of these offers may be used at the same time, but there is a limit of 50 orders per offer at these discounted rates.

So get in there before they sell out. 

I’m also offering two bullet journal workshops on how to get from to-do to done with your planning in early January. 

  • In Person Bujo Session – 8th January 2024
  • Online Bujo Session – 9th January 2024

They are two hour sessions that you can book via Eventbrite

So now moving on to recapping on the interviews from this season, if you’re ready, let’s dive in. 

In this portion of the episode, I’m doing a summary of the main areas of focus that were covered in each interview this season. And then I’ve included a snippet from each episode to remind you of how each of my guests considers intentional productivity and, or creating cadence. Although, as my guests share, it can manifest differently for everyone, they also confirmed that creating cadence is also based on a common need for seeking flexibility, making space and forging a path that is true to our own values and needs. 

First up, I interviewed Trudi Roth in episode 46. Trudi Roth is a writer under the brand Its The TruStory.

She’s also a meditation teacher as one half of and a partner in Movement Ventures with Brian Clark and Jerod Morris. 

Trudi is dedicated to helping people express themselves authentically in all realms. And during my chat with Trudi, she talked about the power of meditation to support health and focus and how it’s easy to get stuck in maintenance mode instead of being flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our environment. Trudi also shared her thoughts on how cadence helps us to be in our zone of genius and how creating deeper connections with our customers helps us to work with more purpose. 

Here’s a short clip from that interview about the importance of doing things that bring you joy.

Trudi Roth: 

[00:06:42] I think if I had to leave you with anything, it’s, this is it. I mean, there might be other lives, other times we don’t know. We can have our beliefs about it, but this is your time so do the things. I mean, it sounds a little trite, but not just what makes you happy, but do the things that bring you joy.

Know what they are. Spend time thinking about it and meditate on it. Really. I mean, once you meditate. And you bring that into your life. When you bring mindfulness into your life, you start noticing what doesn’t work. It’s not just about what does. And allow it to change you and allow it to lead you to where you are meant to be. Where you can serve others best. Where your superpowers are. Where you have meaning, where you find meaning and purpose.

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:07:29] Next up in episode 47, I chatted with Danielle Hughes. Danielle is Chief Personality Officer of her company, More Than Words Marketing. She’s also the creator of what she calls the Personality Brand. 

Danielle shared wise words about how taking ownership of your story and who you are, will level up your productivity and relationship-building opportunities. She also talked about learning to be courageous in your vulnerability. And how in an age of AI, there is value to be found in focusing on authentic interaction instead. 

Here’s a clip from Danielle about being in control of how you want to show up. 

Danielle Hughes: 

[00:08:04] The beauty of how I define personality brand is you are in control of how you want to show up. And so everybody has a different level and a different scale about what they feel they want to bring into their messaging, as a professional in the workplace, whether you have your own company or whether you work for someone. 

And it’s really about finding the way that you want to show up, that’s going to showcase your value. So whether that’s a value to your manager and your team, or a value to your potential clients and customers. And then again, like adding that human connection so that there is more of a relationship that you can be fostering. And it’s not just about your skills and the work you do, but about how you think and what you enjoy and how you relate and how you approach your work. And I think those are the pieces that we’re connecting on. 

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:09:01] In episode 48, I chatted with Catarina King, who is one of the co-founders of Society1, a coworking space in Preston in Northwest England.

Catarina shared thoughts on her and her co-founders experience of building team culture from scratch. And how their organic process has benefited their customers too.

Catarina is also a busy mom of young children who also juggles work for multiple family businesses. So we also discussed ways that she has found the time within her very busy day to support her wellbeing better. 

 In this clip, Catarina speaks about how appreciating the diversity of skills that your team brings to your work culture can help you to create better cadence. 

Catarina King: 

[00:09:40] Together as a three, like you say, we’re all very different. We like different things. We have different talents. And I think when we talk about finding cadence in our work and how we work, I think that’s something that’s really key.

I think recognizing that one, you can’t do everything and understanding what you’re good at and what you’re not good at is also really important to how you work. And when you’re not good at something, it’s okay and getting help from somebody else or bringing people into your team to do something better than you, is a really positive thing. We can’t all be good at everything. And the day you stop trying to be good at everything is when I think a bit of clarity comes in your work. 

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:10:31] Next up was Barrie Thompson in episode 49. Barrie is a writer and co-curator of Feasts & Fables

Barrie generously shared more about his and his wife’s current life journey, rebuilding a kitchen garden on a farm in France. He also had some wonderful viewpoints on building a life that is in tune with not just daily and weekly rhythms, but also seasonal cycles. And we covered the power of positivity and the importance of placing joy in the centre of our life and our outlook, and how Barrie helps others to do that through his Encouragement Network. 

In this clip, Barrie shares how he and his wife created the space to build better cadence into their life. 

Barrie Thomson: 

[00:11:08] It is exhausting running your own business. You know, the freelancers, business people listening to this will know it takes everything of you or else you’re not doing it properly.

so, whilst it was our idea and it was our intention to do it. It was very tiring. And we had other ideas bubbling. And so what we decided to do was to pull the rug out from under ourselves, stop running the business. 

To sell our home, to buy a camper van, and to spend three years on the road, giving ourselves space to think about what next.

And I think that chimes very much with the Cadence Effect, that sense that you need to buy yourself time, intentionally, to create the conditions for whatever comes next. And we’ve then spent time thinking about how important it was to have a place, to put ourselves and our ideas, 

 and we’re trying to live an intentional life beyond that traditional world of work. 

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:12:08] In episode 50, I chatted with Kelly Berry of Learn Start Grow

This was a multifaceted conversation, covering everything from designing a work-life around not being a morning person. To Kelly’s own experience of shifting from an output-driven approach to a cadence-first focus. We also covered the benefits of peer group accountability and how Kelly helps businesses to future proof their business so they can build better cadence in their workdays. 

During our chat, Kelly shared a lot of relevant and helpful insights about both the future of work and the challenges that small business owners face. In this clip, she shares her light bulb moment concerning cadence versus balance. And what creating cadence means to her. 

Kelly Berry: 

[00:12:48] The concept of balance and your excellent seesaw illustration, really hit home to me that that’s an impossible task to have everything balanced all the time and the concept of cadence and that ebb and flow is more realistic.

You’d know that it’s not always gonna work great, and there may be some weeks where I have to just power through some serious amount of work, and there’s not gonna be a lot of downtime. But then I know that it’s important to take that extra downtime after that hard work for my own mental and physical health, I need to have that break.

This is what I’m discovering having read your book, is that I become more creative and have better ideas when I walk away from everything. And it allows me to do a better job by not working, which feels ironic that that’s how I need to do, what I need to do to do a better job.

and know that it’s not an all or nothing thing and that’s okay, because it’s an ongoing process. It’s not binary. It gives me permission to keep at it. 

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:13:49] Next step I had Garth Dew back on the show for episode 51. 

Garth, of GD Video, spoke about elements related to creating an Un-Optimised life as part of navigating your own way and finding your own truth. Garth shared some excellent examples of how he creates rhythm in his days, to support his work, his wellness and his relationships. 

 In this clip, Garth shares what cadence means to him in respect of his work and how passion projects help support his flow and creativity.

Garth Dew: 

[00:14:19] So I think in terms of cadence, I asked you to email me your definition of cadence because I think everyone would have a slightly different definition. For me, I’d link it back to running, like, you know, running cadence, they recommend you run at 180 steps per minute.

And for me, that’s where I find that flow at 180 and it’s efficient and it feels good. And I think the passion projects I do, they do that for me. They keep my soul alive. They keep my creativity alive. It’s very easy doing corporate, paid work that maybe you’re not 100 percent passionate about.

It’s easy to start to fall out of love with the craft. And so the, the passion documentaries, I always try and have something on the go every year just to keep my soul in the game. And every time I do one, it makes me realize why I fell in love with filmmaking in the first place. 

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:15:10] In episode 52, I chatted with Pat Williams of Cybercletch on how to look after yourself and be productive when you are constantly on the move without a home base. 

Pat shared her experience of creating the space needed for deep thought and reflection when adapting to changing living scenarios, such as when you are remote working as a digital nomad. We also covered how downtime is a benefit to your productivity and your business. And how to support the wellbeing of your team when all of you work remotely. 

In this clip, I love how Pat shares a beautiful analogy of navigating a river. And how we can do that in a way that equates to creating better cadence. 

Pat Williams: 

[00:15:48] I think the biggest takeaway for me, with intentional productivity and from your book, creating cadence for me applies to the fact that what routines I’ve set up today for me here in this place. If anything changes, you can set up new routines. You can set up new cadence. It doesn’t have to look the same every day. 

It’s similar to floating down a river. Right. You’re in the water and you’re going, and you can either swim upstream and try to do things that are different than whatever your mindset or your ability is in that moment. Or you can just float downstream and do what is best for you at that time where you’re going to get the most creativity or the most efficiency out of your day.

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:16:48] In episode 53, my final interview was with Alison Coward, who is a consultant and the founder of Bracket Creative.

We chatted about the connection between culture and effective team communication and collaboration, and covered everything from how our morning routines can evolve to suit current needs while still supporting a healthy work-life cadence. To how Alison creates a supportive weekly workflow, cadence for herself. 

Incidentally Alison’s new book, workshop, culture, a guide to building teams that thrive. Has just been published and you can check it out on her website. I’ll share the link in the show notes: Workshop Culture.

To round off, here’s Alison sharing her thoughts on creating cadence. In respect of having a more intentional awareness of how you work and how it serves you and your team. 

Alison Coward: 

[00:17:32] So I love this idea of creating cadence. I think the word creating really resonates this idea of having agency and control over the way that you work. But that has to come from a deep level of self-awareness. It’s almost like you kind of have to observe yourself first and know, well, what’s the default? What am I doing without thinking about it and actually is that serving me? And what’s working? What is actually battling against me being my most productive or energetic self?

And where might I be able to design interventions, rituals, routines, ways of being, ways of doing to really support what I want to achieve and how I want to be. 

One of the most powerful things that I see happening when I’m working with a team is this idea that they can be intentional about the way they work together. And it’s almost like a light bulb goes off. It’s like I don’t have to just work by default. I don’t have to just have to take things and kind of react all the time. 

Mich Bondesio: 

[00:18:32] So aside from my guests’ enlightening viewpoints on life and work, I was fascinated by how each of my guests interpreted and applied the concept of creating cadence in their own lives. And how, what they do helps to support them and the people who are important to them be that their loved ones or their clients. 

Here’s a few key threads from this season for you to take away with you. 

In essence, cadence doesn’t need to look the same every day.

It’s about finding ways to introduce flexibility and adaptability into your routines so that you can build and maintain momentum. It’s also about looking beyond time and the constraints that time creates. 

It’s about starting small and keeping things simple.

So you can maintain that consistent momentum with those things over the long haul. 

It’s also about having an optimistic mindset.

Realising that even though you don’t know how to do something, you have the power within you to figure it out. As I say, in my book, The Cadence Effect, there is always another way. 

Creating cadence is also about seeking a life of purpose that incorporates things beyond the world of work.

It’s about finding and doing the things that fill your cup, that bring you joy and are meaningful to you. 

This is important as these things that are sometimes outside of work, also help you to be better at doing the work. And they make us a more well-rounded person too. These experiences help us to develop our strength of character, to raise our self-awareness, and to build our resilience. 

As Pat mentioned, cadence is like a river.

It may be fast paced at times, or it may meander at others. Creating cadence is about finding and doing the things that help us to go with the flow instead of having to struggle with swimming upstream.

So a big thanks to my guests for the season. I loved having them all on the show and I’ll be doing more of these types of interviews and 2024. 

In the meantime, I’ve been hinting in the podcast all season that I’ll be sharing more about my upcoming intentional productivity coaching program. 

So here’s some news about that. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, I’m still putting finishing touches on the content, but here’s what I can tell you so far. 

It’s a six week online programme. It’s launching in late February or early March, 2024. It’s cohort-based and there’ll be place for 10 to 15 high striving people who, like you, want to change their approach to work. It’s going to help you become more mindful about how you work and how you live. It’s going to help you show up better for the people you care about. It’s going to help you set boundaries that protect your wellbeing and attention. Be more creative and productive. Manage your stress better. Help you do better work. And help you find more joy in your day to day. There will be an early bird offer starting in early January. 

And I’ll be announcing more about that offer in the cadence newsletter, which you can sign up to for free at

So, thank you so much to you lovely listeners for making time to learn from these great conversations this season. I hope you get to have a wonderful, fun and restful time with loved ones over the festive period. 

The podcast will be back in late January 2024, but a few things before you go. 

You can find out more about my new book at And helpful reviews are always welcome to help the book get found by those who need it.

A reminder too that if you want to be the first to hear about the special offers relating to the new coaching cohort that’s coming in early 2024, please sign up for the cadence newsletter at

If you like the show, please share the love by rating it on Apple, Spotify, Google Play, or Amazon Music. You can also support “CreatingCadence”, all one word, on Patreon, or BuyMeACoffee

Thanks again for listening. Until next time, keep moving forwards with courage, curiosity, and cadence.

Bye for now.

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