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Cadence Talks

Close up of Mich Bondesio delivering a Cadence Talk at PlannerFest.

Alright, calling all executives, team players, and the rebels of our business owner communities – I’m talking consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re looking for a small scale networking talk or team talk, or a larger-scale keynote or public event, this one’s for you.

What’s the low down?

Think of a Cadence Talk as a business TED Talk with a twist.

Whether it’s commanding the stage at a live event or dropping knowledge bombs in a virtual hangout, these talks are your shortcut to enlightenment.

Who’s vibing with this?

For the mid-life movers and shakers who’ve had it up to here with stress and burnout, navigating the treacherous terrain of traditional overwork cultures.

These talks aren’t your grandma’s lecture.

They’re bite-sized wisdom drops, bringing science-backed facts and practical tools to your doorstep.

Mich Bondesio delivering a keynote Cadence talk for Plannerfest.

Picture this:

Engaging sessions that blend research with street-smart, relatable strategies. 

It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving in the digital chaos.

Unlock the Secrets of:

  • Digital wellbeing and stress management.

  • Intentional productivity hacks that will make your younger self proud.

  • Beating (and avoiding) burnout like a pro.

Discover how to sync the rhythm of your work and life, becoming the maestro of personal wellbeing and a rockstar in business performance.

Inspire a new soundtrack for your work-life with a Cadence Talk.

Mich Bondesio delivering a talk for Digital wellness talk for UCLan.
Mich Bondesio delivering a talk at PlannerFest

Talk Examples

Small-Scale Talks & Team Talks

  • Suitable for lunch-time learning sessions or smaller networking community speaker sessions.
  • Up to 25 people
  • Online or in-person.
  • 30 – 45 mins
  • Range: £375 – £1,000 GBP

Large-Scale Talks, Keynotes & Public Speaking

  • 45 – 90 mins
  • In-person or Online
  • Range: £850 – £5,000 GBP

Rates are dependent on topic, duration, attendees numbers, location and travel requirements.

Mich Bondesio sitting in front of a teal blue door.

Get in Touch with Mich

Looking for a speaker for your next event?

We can tailor the topic to suit your event and audience’s needs.

Looking to go deeper than a short talk?

Check out my Workshop Packages and Coaching Programmes.

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