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Cadence Workshops

Mich Bondesio delivering a Cadence workshop, standing in front of a flipchart.

Cadence Workshop Packages are for teams that practically live in the digital trenches, drowning in deadlines and struggling to escape the tiring grasp of a hustle culture.

If your workplace culture and processes are stifling your team’s ability to flow and dampening their creative thinking, it’s time to change the tune.

What’s the low down?

Imagine your fave playlist, but in workshop form – a curated series of three to six workshop sessions, each unlocking a new level of team synergy.

These are not just workshops; this is a journey to forge unbreakable teams, nurture a work culture that doesn’t suck, and skyrockets collaboration in your digital den.

Who’s in for the ride?

For knowledge worker teams battling the daily digital storm, where “offline” is a mythical concept, and hustle culture is the lurking nemesis affecting your business culture, output, and those sacred profit margins.

These Cadence workshop packages are the remedy, a way to reboot communication and teamwork, master the art of juggling workloads and deadlines, and turn your team into a powerhouse of happiness, health, and jaw-dropping results.

Mich Bondesio with 4 Cadence workshop participants at Society1 Coworking space.

Picture this:

No more chaos and fire-fighting!

Instead, a harmonious and productive experience (think work utopia, without the woo woo) where your team is not just working better, but flourishing, too.

These workshops follow a roadmap, guided by Mich Bondesio’s Cadence Canvas Framework and include content explored in Mich’s book, The Cadence Effect

But they’re also tailored to be your team’s personal jam session.

They’re delivered in a relaxed, open and interactive way, designed to build trust whilst tackling your specific performance challenges.

End the workplace chaos.

Building momentum and activating the potential of happy, effective teams begins with creating Cadence.

Looking for Something in Particular?

Ditch the standard (boring) workshop format, and try one of Mich’s Activation Sessions. 

Customised sessions, crafted using Design Thinking methods, that will: 

  • Exceed your expectations
  • Help you find the solutions to your unique challenges
  • Inspire your team to activate more of their potential.

Mich uses this format to facilitate strategy workshops, run design sprints, and host team building workshops. And, much more! 

Three coworkers brainstorming ideas together during a Cadence workshop.

Workshop Package Example

  • 3-6 Sessions
  • 2-3 hours each
  • 5 – 10 People

Workshop Starter Package – Content Example:

  • Workshop 1 – Discover (2-3 hours)
    Explore, Define and Analyse the challenges and identify the opportunities in your specific context, using the pillars of Foundations, Process, Culture and Performance to determine where greatest need for change lies.
  • Workshop 2 – Design & Implement (2-3 hours)
    Strategise potential solutions based on chosen pillars and co-create an implementation plan to activate and test performance change opportunities.
  • Workshop 3 – Develop & Refine (2-3 hours)
    Feedback and Consolidation of selected solutions. An opportunity to refine based on initial results. 
  • Accompanying Outputs: Summary Guides of Findings with Actionable Steps for Self-Implementation
  • Optional Additional Outputs: Further workshops to aid in implementation and accountability, based on requirements, degree of focus, and complexity of change planned. And/or consulting support to assist with implementation and monitoring. Additional fees apply, dependent on requirements.

Guide Price – Workshop Packages Range: £5k – £15k GBP

(Package fee depends on client requirements, duration, whether in person / online, and number of participants, number of sessions required)

Mich Bondesio leaning against a stairwell at Society1 after running a Cadence workshop.

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Mich's Cadence Workshops in Action

Testimonial Sirka Moore Cadence Workshops.
Mich Bondesio demonstrating breathing during a Cadence workshop
Mich Bondesio with Juliane Lowe after her Cadence workshop for Lancashire Forum Creative at Uclan.

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